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Five layer sintering mesh

Short Description:

Generally, it is a five layer structure, which is divided into four parts: protection layer, filter layer, separation layer and support layer. This kind of filter material has not only uniform and stable filtering accuracy, but also high strength and rigidity. It is an ideal filter material when the requirements for compressive strength and filtering granularity are high.

Due to its surface filtration mechanism and smooth mesh channels, it has excellent backwash regeneration performance and can be used repeatedly for a long time, especially suitable for continuous and automatic operation process, which is incomparable to any filter material.

The sintered mesh material is easy to be formed, processed and welded, and can be processed into various forms of filtering elements, such as round, cylindrical, conical, corrugated

Product Detail

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The range of filtering accuracy is large. From 1 μ to 200 μ, it has reliable filtration performance;

The filtering accuracy is stable. Because there are two layers of wire mesh for protection, the mesh of the filter layer is not easy to deform;

Good strength. Because of the fourth and fifth layer as support, it has high pressure resistance and mechanical strength;

Easy to clean. As the surface filter material is used, it is easy to clean, especially suitable for back washing;

High temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature of 480 ;

Corrosion resistance. Because SUS316L material is used, it has high corrosion resistance;

Easy to process. Suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, stretching, welding and other processing conditions..


In addition to SUS304 (AISI304), SUS316 (AISI316) and SUS316L (AISI316L), special alloys such as alloy hastelloy , monel alloy and Inconel can also be customized for customers.


The standard sizes are 500 × 1000mm, 600 × 1200mm, 1000 × 1000mm, 1200 × 1200mm, 1500 × 1200mm. The dimensions in the above range can be customized according to Customer requirements.

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