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The metal fiber sintering felt can control the filtration precision and the pollution of single layer felt

The sintered mat is made of micron diameter nonwovens, metallized and high temperature sintered metal fibers. The multi-layer metal fiber mat can form pore gradient from different pore layers, and can control the filtration accuracy and single-layer mat pollution.
It can keep the filtering effect of the filter cloth continuously, and has the characteristics of three-dimensional network, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, pore diameter and uniform distribution. Therefore, the stainless steel sintered felt effectively overcomes the shortcomings of easy blocking and vulnerability of metal mesh. It makes up for the brittleness and small flow of powder filtration products, and solves the temperature and pressure resistance characteristics of filter paper and filter cloth. Therefore, the stainless steel sintered felt has excellent filtration performance and is an ideal choice for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high resistance. Precision filter material.
1. Large sewage treatment capacity, high filtering accuracy, slow pressure rise and long replacement cycle;
2. Resistant to nitric acid, alkali, organic solvent and drug corrosion, and can be used for a long time at 600 ℃;
3. High porosity, good permeability, small pressure loss and large flow;
4. Foldable, increased filtering area, and weldable;
5. It can be cleaned and regenerated, and can be used for many times.
Performance judgment method:
In terms of the performance of stainless steel fiber felt folding filter, first of all, the bubble point, differential pressure flow characteristics, accuracy and dirt volume, strength, fluid pressure strength and axial load strength should be considered.
The pressure value of the first bubble point of the filter element shall not be lower than 90% of the pressure value of the first bubble point of the filter material.
Differential pressure flow characteristics: when the oil temperature is about 30 ° C, the rated differential pressure is 0.15Mpa; when the fluid is standard air, the rated differential pressure shall be 200Pa.
Precision is an important standard of stainless steel folding filter, which determines whether it can achieve the goal. When it is ensured that the filter structure is complete enough, the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the filter.
Pollutant content refers to the content of pollutants contained. Filters can trap contaminants, but they cannot be removed directly from the system. Contaminants can only remain in the filter. The pollutant capacity of the filter is equal to the pollutant quantity per unit area and filter area. The product of the product is related to the pressure difference in the actual use of the filter element.

Post time: Apr-16-2020