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Protective net sintering felt

Short Description:

The protective net sintering felt is a kind of sintering felt, which is made of extremely fine metal fiber through non-woven laying, and then through lamination and high temperature sintering. Generally speaking, it is made by laying stainless steel wire mesh on the common sintering felt after laying, and then sintering at high temperature. According to customer’s demand, sintering felt with protective net can be divided into single protective net sintering felt and double protective net sintering felt

Product Detail

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Product features:
1. High filtering accuracy and stability
2. Large amount of pollution
3. It has strong corrosion resistance and can be used in the environment of high temperature, acid, alkali and organic solvent
4. Large flow, high porosity and excellent permeability
5. Strong toughness and plasticity
6. It can be cleaned or anti cleaned with long service life

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