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Sintered felts of ferro aluminum

Short Description:

Fe Cr al sintered felt has a long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, high temperature resistance, deformation resistance, no carbon deposition, good toughness, foldable, uniform pore size distribution, and very high porosity and pollution resistance. It is widely used in automobile tail gas treatment, burner, boiler transformation, gas air conditioning, glass annealing, food baking, oven, heater, coating paper industry, drying industry, high temperature dust removal industry and other fields.

As a kind of filter and purification material, the purification series Fe Cr al fiber sintering felt is widely used in chemical industry and diesel exhaust emission device of Euro 4 standard. The porous structure of Ni Cr Al alloy is three-dimensional network structure. The pore size is 0.1mm and the porosity is 85%, which is the best choice for the whole catalyst carrier material.

Product Detail

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1) Standard material: 00cr20al6 ferrochrome aluminum fiber
2) Standard supply specification: 1100 * 1100mm
3) Special specifications can be supplied according to the requirements of the buyer
Characteristics and characteristics:
1) High temperature resistance 1200 degrees
2) Strong cold and hot shock capability
3) no water absorption
4) Minimum thermal inertia
5) Combustion complete radiation
6) Long service life

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